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the lizzie mcguire experience

by kitty

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this album costs money because i dont like it and its embarrassing when u listen to it. please give me 5 dollars in exchange for my embarrassment. thanks


released June 6, 2006





watch me work it! i'm perfect!

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Track Name: charnsuka
I'm trying to write but I keep getting sidetracked
I really like him and I think he has a nice laugh
And I'll drink his bath water, and I think he's hotter
And I'd hit it like Bing Crosby hit his daughter
I stalk him on the internet
He probably think I'm Jessie Slaughter
Even my father says to find another
I mean another, so I'll ask my mother
And maybe she will smother me in Blink 182
I don't steal lines, but this one is kinda true:
"I tell 'em that I love 'em, but I never really do"
And I couldn't find a good way to say "I love you"
So fuck you and your stupid tattoos
You used to like girls, but you only like shoes
I hate the world, and I love your shampoo
And your soap, and your deodorant all over my pillow
You make my day, I whip my hair, I think I'm Willow
And I like you like Samantha like Nutella crepes
You think it's funny when you joke about rape
So we'll see if it's funny in the back of my Escape
That's a Ford, you're a whore, and I'll catch it on tape
Tell the police, I'll just tell 'em it's fake
Tell your mommy on her coffee break
I'll sit around picking at a coffee cake
Wait for you to text me, staring at the MacBook
I'm kind of cute, and I swear I'm not a bad cook
I'd hold your hand if you took me out
We made plans but you shook me out
And you made me think I'm bad-looking now
You're walking on my swag and I'm under cooked now
Instead of raw like I used to be
And if you 're using me I can use a bat on you
When you wear that hat, Stussy, I'll put the cat on you
Tit-for-tat on you, but I don't have tits
So you don't look at me in your Castles & Crooks tee
I say "Hi," but you only stare crookedly, fuck
Track Name: your love
I've got a couple brothers
So I know how to be tough
But to be quite honest
I've had enough

Of my exes that call me
And say they're still in love
I just shake my head and say
Wow, that sounds rough

Then they get all mad
Call me a whore again
I'll go back to your birthday
Kick your ass with the DeLorean

And I'm [???] shotguns
I'm so happy I could die
Never found a man
That can love me like McFly

Maybe he'll let me take his board
We'll have a ride
And we'll do the jitterbug
Like it's 1955

Then we'll go back down
To Riverside Drive
Give Doc Brown tips
On how to stay alive

Maybe I would save you
From a Libyan drive-by
And as for Jennifer
We'll let that bitch die

And anyone who says you're
Chicken, baby, they're telling lies
Come down and show me
Your purple Calvin Kleins

Anyway I think I met him
In the sky
Like whoa, this is heavy
But we're both the same size

And angel
Would you be my small fry?
And Johnny couldn't be as good as you

I know you didn't need sugar
Or caffeine
To hype you up
Because baby, you have me

And maybe if you
Took me camping
We could change the end
Of the last two movies

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