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from by kitty



Shoulda given u a little head start
Out here to disappear like Elizabeth Smart
In a year i got a little more dark
You got a beard, i got a little more stark
White pale like a lily; yr a killer and i’m silly
We can chill and hear the bass, your lace, chantilly
Yr as elegant as ever, i forget all of my etiquette
I bet ur gonna say “get away” but haven’t said it yet
What a bummer over summer, i been trying to forget and keep my head under the covers
You make it tougher when i see u under strobe lights
Oh right, yr the one i didn’t love enough
I wanna change but i know i’m never gonna baby
When i see u wave, wave i wanna run, i wanna jump up on u
I was ok, all fun, but you fuck it all up, i see ur face and i’m done
I’m over it! it took all of my power to be
No control over how everybody’s down for u
Fist up like pound it dude!
And i’ll be runnin off and hidin in the powder room
Never bitter, never soundin rude and positivity i milk it like a cow i moo
I can get the crowd to move, this is how i get the crowd to move. (x2)
I’ll never get another chance. i wish, but all i wanna do is make u dance 2 this
Make u dance to this, and all i wanna do is make you dance

We say goodbye, i guess i will see you around and i will clean up my mess, and i’ll never weigh u down (x2)

I been rubbin velvet to remember ur skin
The way you tell it, i am hell to be with
I need another round, i need another town, i need to get around you i need to block it out
Need to block it out, need to block it out, block it out out block it out, block it out
I’ll never get another chance. i wish, but all i wanna do is make u dance to this

(chorus x2)


from FROSTBITE, released November 18, 2014





watch me work it! i'm perfect!

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