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ay shawty: THE SHREKONING​!​!​!​! (feat. dankte)

from by kitty

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[Verse 1: Dankte]
I'm trying not to be a creep
But I love the little creases in your cheeks when you smile
I wish I could iron 'em
Your smile outshines sunlight
Her white grill's the only reason I'm up
In the morn, school is lame minus you chick
Odd game, so I choose not to even say two shits
But I'd give one
And three billion to be chillin' with you
Really what I'm feelin' tastes so different, I'mma sip it slow
And you're wine, so you get better as time goes
Later we're addicted to talking, I think your mind's dope
I'd wait for it, but with you time slows
So I gotta fast forward, feels like I might never know
If you kick it with me, I'll be Neo, you be Trinity
And we can take slow-mo, metaphorically or with codeine
More than the shit to me, think that you're my crack
Every time I hear your voice, I have relapse

Ay shawty, lemme holler at you
Ay shawty, lemme holler at you, ay shawty
Ay shawty, lemme holler at you
Ay shawty, lemme holler at you, ay

[Verse 2: Kitty Pryde]
You could be much creepier
I'm pleased with your cheesy words
And your feelings regarding my cheeks creasing
Even though I'm greasier than pizza
More tweezers I mean, Jesus, my teeth they just need bleaching
I agrees with you, school's a breeze so I'll leave with you
Birds and bees are a mystery, teach me?
With books thicker than Hemingway
Descriptive and any way
Kids hate our lust, but I don't care what the lemmings say
With their graffiti and slambooks
So needy we can't look too seedy in front of my dad's sweety
I'm Mary Jane and you're Petey
In the street we invert you and you greet me with kisses iconic and sweetly
Forget that you never met me
I bet that when you do you will regret wanting to be next to me
And you're flexin' in the trap
And every time I hear your voice, I have relapse

(Real trap shit)


from haha im sorry, track released June 11, 2012
produced by SELA fuckin aaawsom


all rights reserved




watch me work it! i'm perfect!

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