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from by kitty



Could you wrap your hands all the way around my neck, and tell me where I stand tell me everything I’m wrecking when I spin
Take over my breath, in out in, I am missing you to death
and I was super positive and you were stupid dope and now you’re the loop of rope I hung up in my stupid closet
I been acting stupid a lot and saying you caused it, I been living off it all modest like royalties you deposit
I spin, this world youre in, this world you’re in

You’re all poised and I’m made of poison (I’m a cyclone, cyclone, cyclone) (x4)

I’m up at night over shit I said and forgot about, you’re the spider I’m tired of being waterspout
you’re too tiny to climb me, I wanna settle down and be fine and with time you’ll forget about me
and let me go. Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I said a lot that I’m probably terrible for and I’m all taken care of I don’t even compare the two of us.
I wanna sit and stare, I wanna sit and stare, I never wanna care, I never wanna care
I’m on another level, just forget about the elephants in rooms that I’m never in
I’m thinking I been doomed and I’ll never win

You’re like a petit-four, sweet sweet sweet
You shoulda never settled down with me me me
I sing a metaphor on beat, beat, beat
I’ll see you never more…
I’m tappin on your window pane. you left me, I woulda did the same
you can find shelter under your umbrella, eh eh (x2)

You’re all poised and I’m made of poison (I’m a cyclone, cyclone, cyclone) (x8)


from FROSTBITE, released November 18, 2014





watch me work it! i'm perfect!

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